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my writing test!!!! hello 1 2 3

 existence computers are necessary in our life. computers have been developed from before until now to help us.Every body has one and these are something commonplace.



i’m going to iran and no more north korea !! hip hip horray!!unfortunatly , I cannot sleep in the airplane and of course cannot watch movie on the laptop because when people who is sitting infront , want to sleep , they change the situation , I don’t know what they call , so cannot!!! I also don’t have any music in my iphone so I don’t know what i should do.
I won’t come this month because I have to take my iranian final exams , so cannot come !!!!
my feeling about emirates airplane , so terrible and it was my first and ladt time to travel with it , I told my father that we waste our time with emirates airplane but he didn’t care ! we are going to iran with air asia , perfact..!!!

my life

I haven’t been going out for life is boring in malaysia !! my friends aren’t here! I want to go out , cinema , gentting or somewhere else . my cousins are also addict of internet and when I tell them , Do you want to go to cinema , they say “I should study , I don’t have time -It’s too far ” and they runaway from my question . I’m going to like a fossil.

When I was in iran , I always went out with group of different friends!! I went to coffee shop every day , restaurant , Equestrian club(my friend has a horse) , cinema , party in one of the friends , walking out side….!!I think , malaysian people don’t have life!!!? they are like a robot and I’m also going to be a robot , study , sleep , toilet , eat!! all of my friends are my best friends and there is no difference between them!

I don’t know but everyone who I’ve seen in malaysia is crazy(not crazy ,yes crazy? I don’t know , what do you think?) for example one of the chinese , asked me :” Do you want to pass your exam to go to level 7?” I thought he was joking , but he asked me seriously , so I answer him:” NO , I DON’T LIKE !! I WANT TO WASTING MY TIME TO LEARN WHAT I’VE LEARNED BEFORE?!!!


what should I say? ha? there is no life in the world(full stop)

exam , like or dislike

 If you ask everyone about exam is good or not , of course they are going to say “NO” , why ? because they want to have a normal and happiness life. I announce in this tribune that I love study hard more and more. when I see complicate things , I wonder and I want to find them out. but I’ve never studied for english , I memorize which I’ve learned before , I have never study before the final exam. I think we should realize them.

 Today , teacher asked me :”Do you like exam?” 



-I don’t know

 I don’t know why but I love to study. everyone hates school , isn’t it? everyone panics the first day of school!!! but I’m not , I want to go , I’ve heard from my friends that they don’t like school but I like.

 No reason……!!! 

about my class

 my class is boring and I spill water to get better!!! I ask complex questions to teacher. my classmates are also lazy and they don’t move and they just sit and sleep in class . they have never done their homework! 

 The Language House is good because I haven’t had experience about another english schools.I want to use polite and formal english and I wonder to learn old english , but learning grammar first. 

I upset that I don’t study english at home , because I have to study my high school lessons and I prefer high school lessons. I want to study more and more.However , I don’t know why I came to malaysia , I don’t have energy and I sleep all the day , maybe I’ll bye a dog for against it.I always think about my english and my exams and I feel sad. I love study more and more but I can’t . That is I’ll regret it.

machine learning

programming means order to stupid computer.computers are just obedient and they do what you want. programming is progressing to new way that is machine learning!!!

Order to computers is boring and it’s not challenge.However , when the computers are look like a baby and someone should teach him , that is challenge.In fact , that is also machine learning.the computers realize and understand what you want and they communicate with you and this is exciting.think different and above than people!!!!You shouldn’t depend on your university , because if you love your object , go on deep of it!!

Have you seen “I,robot” movie with will smith performance? I can see the day that robots govern in this world , because we taught them and they use majority and they are thirsty to learn.However , we(human) don’t use it .why?

It’s not important where do you study? or what’s your situation? just zoom your propose and what ever you can do for get it , do it!! This is secret of succeed.when you are the best in that job and someone can’t , this is what I’m talking about…..!!!

When you learn to your computer , how you feel?


listen to music is exciting for me when I feel bored . Taio cruz is perfect singer in this subject specially , his “troublemaker”music.  

  pitbull when I’m upset , taio cruz when I’m surfing in web , kelly clarkson for boring time. 

basically ,  music makes people relax , so I listen to music for be relax and something like that . 

  when I feel alone , I always listen to akon “lonely” music and then I realized that someone else is alone : that means , I’m not alone.

 Any question?

my grandfather

 my grandfather has been heart attack since I was 6. he hasn’t been moving for 6 year and It’s so painful. my grandfather is the person who I admire!!! I always think about him and I’m worry .In fact , I feel Discomfort because I want to do something that I can as he honer me. but It’s impossible and someone who said”nothing is possible” , I’m sure he was buzzy Isn’t it? Are you working in your dream job? 

  his nurses don’t attention him and it makes me furious. I want to my grandfather be without pain and he was happy in his rest of life and I can sustain his pains instead of him.

                     when I think about him and his problems , I’ll be upset

Acne blackheads

I have some Acne blackheads and I should take them out. It’s so painful , I hate do it .unfortunately , my father doesn’t wait and destroys my happy day. my face was changed by Acne blackheads and I’m worried what should I do? 

  I think my face is trouble and I can’t change it. I don’t picture because I don’t like my visage and I’m Additional in that picture.

  Every day , one acne that is one of my face rules!!!! I’m sure people can’t sustain me.Nevertheless , they see me and talk to me.

               when I see my face in front of the mirror , I tell to myself “Am I Faraz?



Decommissioning the Space Shuttle

Sadface. You can see 30 more pictures over at The Atlantic.  Try not to cry.

[The Atlantic via Major Nelson]

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